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Rainy Day Soup

In Asian, Vegan on December 23, 2009 at 4:28 pm

At this point Christmas could go either way: rainy or snowy. Today — T-2 days before my entire extended family converges on the former home of my paternal grandparents (what is now my aunt’s home) — rain is a constant, and snow is in the forecast. There, we’ll exchange inexpensive novelty gifts (I’ll be giving away a book entitled Pilates for Men to some unsuspecting couch-bound relative) and baked goods (homemade cinnamon bread and chocolate crinkle cookies are the annual favorites).

For the moment, however, the sky is overcast and weepy, and I have very little desire to leave the comfy seclusion of my warm, dry home. And, after having already had my fill of baked seasonal favorites (both the sweet and savory varieties), I’m craving the crisp bite of fresh vegetables.

This rainy day soup is full of colorful vegetables — carrots, mushrooms, snow peas, and bok choy.  Wheat noodles and whole-grain tempeh drowned in a rich, steamy sesame-infused broth give the soup a certain heartiness that perfectly combats the chill of the weather. And, with a generous amount of fresh ginger, it tastes  very seasonal, too — albeit somewhat unconventionally so.

A while back I typed up the recipe, and have kept it in pdf form; that recipe can be downloaded here: Esculency Rainy Day Soup.

Rainy Day Soup Bowl